How to create perfect digital documents for your visa application

Cory Mayfield
Updated on
June 1, 2020

Preparing supporting documents for your visa application can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t have direct access to them. For many visa applications, embassy or consulate require copies of your documents rather than the original. However, each copy must be in full colour and in high quality so that it is easy to read. Sending poor quality documents can slow down your visa processing time, to which they will request an entirely new copy of the document, or even issue a visa refusal.

Whether you’re using OpenVisa to easily complete your visa application, or going at it yourself, the following tips will help you meet the requirements necessary to ensure you are providing high-quality digital copies as part of your visa application.

Flat-bed scanner for creating the highest-quality digital documents

At OpenVisa, we recommend using a scanner to create digital copies of your documents for your visa application. Scanners offer the best resolution and also look professional, which shows the embassy or consulate that you have gone through the effort to present a solid visa application.

Most scanners allow you to adjust the resolution of the image — measured in dpi (dots per inch). The higher the dpi, the high resolution the image. We recommending scanning documents in colour at 600 dpi.

Mobile apps for creating high-quality digital documents

Smartphones are almost as good as scanner when it comes to creating digital documents, providing your have a good camera and you are using the right app.

Google Drive (Recommended)

We recommend using the Google Drive app, which is available on both iOS and Android. The Google Drive app is free and automatically improves the image quality of your documents after you take the photo. It also comes with free cloud storage

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is another great app that improves the image quality when creating your digital documents. The app is also available of iOS and Android and is free to use.

Alternatively you can choose to take a regular photo of your documents using your phone and no special mobile apps. If you don’t have a high quality camera on your phone, you may find it difficult to meet all the image quality checklist below.

Setting up your documents

Before taking your photos, it’s recommended that you setup the space where you are taking images of your documents to improve the quality of your images. To maximise your chances of the immigration department accepting your documents we have put together a list of how to get the best result when taking your documents:

By taking the time and using readily available technology (and apps) you should be able to create high-quality documents that meet all the requirements for your visa application.